UNICEYES-TRIPLE-ACTION innovación idermo premio 2023



Dual technology eye contour device. A more youthful and glowing look.

The combination of Microstimulation (EMS) and LED Light helps to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles and improve skin firmness. LED Light Mask, now for your eyes.


  • A MORE YOUTHFUL rested and glowing look
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Seccion Beneficios PDP-UNICTECH EYE MASK

A single device for a triple action on the eyes: younger, rested and glowing.

UNICSKIN outperforms beauty centres with this revolutionary device for eye contour 100% ophthalmologically safe
Dr. Sierra, No. 1 in Ocular Plastic Surgery in New York.

Doble tecnología 0% invasiva para la mirada

Luz led
Tecnología de microcorrientes (EMS)
Las microcorrientes simulan las corrientes eléctricas del cuerpo a nivel celular para prevenir los signos de envejecimiento, tonificar, reafirmar y reducir las arrugas alrededor de los ojos.
De onda larga, que penetra de forma profunda en la piel para frenar el envejecimiento cutáneo y eliminar las líneas de expresión, activando la formación de colágeno y elastina.

Resultados Reales y Visibles

En un estudio de eficacia, el 90% de los pacientes mostraron un 100% de los resultados perseguidos, tras 12 sesiones de terapia LED.

Cómo utilizarlo

Recommended treatment of 3 days a week for 4 weeks:

1 Step 1

On cleansed skin, we recommend applying your daily beauty routine. First apply our UNICEYES TRIPLE ACTION serum to the eye contour area. The area around the eyes needs to be slightly moistened for the EMS technology to have a greater effect.

2 Step 2

Remove the device from the case and turn it on by holding the power button for 1 second. You will see the red LED lights on both sides light up.

3 Step 3

Adjust the treatment intensity (3 different intensities) by pressing the EMS + LED button.

4 Step 4

Place the goggles over the eye contour area for 10 minutes; they will automatically switch off. To maintain the treatment, once the 12 sessions have been completed, we recommend using the goggles once or twice a week.
Elva dressed as a fairy

The perfect synergy to multiply results

Combine the use of the UNICTECH EYE MASK with our Active Dermocosmetics products to multiply the results.

Crema contorno de ojos

Triple action eye and lip contour cream.

Collagen eye patches with flash effect.


Vitamin C and double action serum: lightening and anti-blemishes


Multi-functional, triple-action facial brush for visibly younger looking skin.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does technology work?
UNICSKIN makes technology discovered by NASA, science and medicine available to people at home through safe and effective smart devices for skin care, without the need for a beautician. LED technology has been studied and supported by science and has proven results. These are also 100% safe and 0% invasive technologies, and all our devices are CE and FDA certified.
How long does the device last?
The lifetime of our Techno-beauty devices is indefinite. Buy it as an investment and enjoy beauty salon treatments at home whenever you want. Create your own routine by combining our devices with our Active Dermocosmetics products to multiply the results.
Does LED light therapy cause any pain?
No, it does not cause any pain at all. On the contrary, it has a calming and soothing effect.
How do I use the goggles correctly to ensure results?
There are two main points to bear in mind when using this device:1. Hydration: EMS technology is ionic currents that penetrate the skin and simulate small muscle contractions. In order for these currents to be conducted through the skin, it must always be previously moistened with our UNICEYES TRIPLE ACTION eye contour, which will act as a conductor of the technology (in the same way as a gel is used for Indiba treatments). 2. Skin contact: the goggles must be in contact with the skin. They can be adjusted by pressing lightly to position them correctly.
Should I feel the microcurrents?
You may feel slight shocks (completely painless). However, the product is working properly and effectively, as long as the two points above –moisturising and skin contact– are met. It is a question of each person's sensitivity threshold.
What if I only feel the microcurrents on one side?
Absolutely nothing. As mentioned above, microcurrents may or may not be noticeable. If you only feel it on one side, it means you are more sensitive on that side of the face.
Can I use an eye contour other than UNICEYES triple action
Yes, any eye contour can be used, but we recommend UNICEYES TRIPLE ACTION because it has been designed to treat the skin in combination with our device. In addition, its formula is based on +94% ingredients of natural origin and has a high concentration of the following active ingredients: o Matrixyl Synthe 6®: Evens out the skin and smooths wrinkles from within, rebuilding the skin. o Legactif®: Powerful anti-dark circles effect due to its ability to strengthen capillaries and stimulate the skin's blood flow. o Caffeine: activates blood flow to decongest and reduce inflammation and fine lines.
I'm not seeing the results I want. What's happening?
First of all, make sure that the device is being used correctly. Please check the Q&As or consult the user manual. If you are following all the steps, it may be a matter of intensity, and you may need to increase the intensity by pressing the EMS+LED button on the device. If, despite meeting the two previous criteria, you still do not see the expected results within the recommended time of use (4 weeks), you may need to use them for a longer period of time. Every skin is different and has different needs. We recommend taking a photo of yourself before and after using the device so that you can better appreciate the results.
What happens if I have a reaction?
As this is an abnormal and exceptional situation, we recommend that you consult your doctor about these symptoms. For your peace of mind, use of the device can be discontinued until a doctor evaluates the reaction. Like all our devices, UNICTECH EYE MASK is CE and FDA certified for safety. CE: demonstrates that the product has been assessed by the manufacturer and is deemed to comply with EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. FDA: document certifying that the product has been inspected and complies with the requirements of the FDA (US government office the aim of which is to protect public health).
Can I use it during pregnancy?
Not recommended for use during pregnancy.