LED light device to rejuvenate, reduce and redefine the neck and chin, while improving sagging.

Rejuvenates the neck and décolleté, slims and redefines the facial contours, and improves the appearance of elbows and knees. The result: firmer, smoother, oil-free skin. Also helps to reduce sagging in specific areas.


  • FIRST 100% VISIBLE RESULTS within 2 weeks of application
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UNICLED NECK & CHIN MASK is a LED light-emitting diode device that acts immediately on the dermis and cells, thus reducing oxidative stress and stimulating cellular energy production. In addition, LED light therapy targets adipocytes, which are the cells that store fat and cause lipids to disperse. In other words, this therapy aids the body in eliminating fat cells.

Helps to rejuvenate the neck, décolleté, slim the chin, redefine the facial contours, and visibly improve the appearance of elbows and knees. The result is a firmer, smoother, more supple skin without fat mass, also helping to reduce sagging in the area. Our device has a unique design in the market that allows multiple programmes depending on your needs: neck, décolleté, elbows or knees.

Dos modos de uso y múltiples aplicaciones

Modo barbilla
Modo cuello
Modo barbilla
  • Redefine el óvalo facial
  • Reduce la grasa de la papada
Modo cuello
  • Atenúa las arrugas
  • Reafirma la piel

Resultados Reales y Visibles

En un estudio de eficacia, el 90% de los pacientes mostraron un 100% de los resultados perseguidos, tras 12 sesiones de terapia LED.

Cómo utilizarlo

Recommended treatment of 3 days a week for 1 month:

1 Step 1

Cleanse and dry the skin in the area to be treated before starting treatment.

2 Step 2

Select the desired treatment area: chin, neck, elbows or knees. Switch on the device and let the treatment proceed for 20 minutes.

3 Step 3

The device switches off automatically after 20 minutes.
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The perfect synergy to multiply results

Combine the use of the UNICLED NECK&CHIN MASK with our Active Dermocosmetics products to multiply the results.

Intensive firming and tensing serum.

Youth serum: anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant


Depigmenting facial, lightening and anti-blemish night cream

Preguntas frecuentes

Does technology work?
UNICSKIN makes technology discovered by NASA, science and medicine available to people at home through safe and effective smart devices for skin care, without the need for a beautician. LED technology has been studied and supported by science and has proven results. These are also 100% safe and 0% invasive technologies, and all our devices are CE and FDA certified.
How long does the device last?
The lifetime of our Techno-beauty devices is indefinite. Buy it as an investment and enjoy beauty salon treatments at home whenever you want. Create your own routine by combining our devices with our Active Dermocosmetics products to multiply the results.
Does LED light therapy cause any pain?
No, it does not cause any pain at all. On the contrary, it has a calming and soothing effect.
Can I use it 20 minutes on the neck and then 20 minutes on the jowls?
You can use it in both areas on the same day.
How is neck fat eliminated?
LED light therapy targets adipocytes, which are the cells that store fat and cause lipids to disperse. In other words, this therapy aids the body in eliminating fat cells, providing a supreme triple action when applied to the neck and chin.
How do I clean it?
With a damp cloth with a little soap and then dry it well, you could also use alcohol-free wet wipes and also dry it very well. Do not use alcohol, acetone or any product that could damage the silicone under any circumstance.
Is it safe for the thyroid?
Our product is 100% thyroid safe according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study is reported in the International Journal of Endocrinology, and was published on 4 November 2018. This study shows the total safety of our Thyroid technology.
What should I expect?
Users typically see a reduction in lines and wrinkles and fat loss within 2 weeks of use (4 times a week). Optimal results will start to be visible after one month of treatment.
Can I use it during pregnancy?
Not recommended for use during pregnancy.