Teeth whitening device with high power LED Technology.

A convenient and portable device to whiten your teeth with LED light from anywhere and without damaging your gums.
Always combine it with our UNICWHITE SMILE EXTRA GEL whitening gel (not included).
Professional teeth whitening at your fingertips!


  • TOOTH ENAMEL IMPROVES BY 5 to 8 shades
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UNICLED WHITE SMILE features a unique, easy, pioneering and 100% safe design with high power LED light to whiten your smile without damaging tooth enamel and gums.

Connect it to your smartphone or computer and start whitening your teeth!

Luz blanqueador dental LED
  • Whitens teeth progressively and effectively
  • Mitigates possible dental stains
  • Helps to have a healthy smile
With UNICLED WHITE SMILE I enjoy effective whitening while protecting my enamel
Hugo Moreno de la Peña. Dentist.

Tecnología de luz LED azul para unos dientes más blancos

Ayuda a que las moléculas del gel blanqueador previamente aplicado se activen, ayudando a obtener resultados rápidos y efectivos.

Resultados Reales y Visibles

En un estudio de eficacia, el 90% de los pacientes mostraron un 100% de los resultados perseguidos, tras 12 sesiones de terapia LED.

Cómo utilizarlo

Treat three times a week for six weeks and then one maintenance session per month:

1 Step 1

Brush your teeth as you normally do with your regular toothpaste.

2 Step 2

Remove the teeth whitening appliance and clean it.

3 Step 3

Connect the device to your mobile phone or computer.

4 Step 4

Apply the bleaching gel evenly on both sides of the appliance using the syringe.

5 Step 5

Place the appliance in your mouth. Pressing the button will turn on the blue LED light.

6 Step 6

After 20 minutes, the device will switch off automatically.

7 Step 7

After use, rinse the appliance and your mouth with lukewarm water.

Elva dressed as a fairy

The perfect synergy to multiply results

Combine the use of UNICLED WHITE SMILE with other products for a flawless smile

Professional teeth whitening pen.

Collagen mask for hydrated and plumped lips.

Preguntas frecuentes

Does technology work?
UNICSKIN makes technology discovered by NASA, science and medicine available to people at home through safe and effective smart devices for skin care, without the need for a beautician. LED technology has been studied and supported by science and has proven results. These are also 100% safe and 0% invasive technologies, and all our devices are CE and FDA certified.
How long does the advice last
The lifetime of our Techno-beauty devices is indefinite. Buy it as an investment and enjoy beauty salon treatments at home whenever you want. Create your own routine by combining our devices with our Active Dermocosmetics products to multiply the results.
From which session will I start to notice the effects?
The tone achieved and the length of time will depend on the genetic factors and habits of the patient. We cannot confirm a set time as each person has a different quality of enamel.
Who can use the device?
This product is primarily intended for adults over 14 years old. The individual should have good dental hygiene. Not recommended for people with hypersensitivity, caries, periodontal disease, orthopaedic devices, oral ulcers and exposure of part of the root of the teeth due to gum defect. It is also not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Can I wear it if I have a retainer or Invisalign?
Yes, you can whiten your teeth while undergoing an orthodontic treatment.
Does tooth enamel suffer?
No, enamel does not suffer during a tooth whitening treatment.
Does the procedure hurt or cause sensitivity?
No, it is painless and very simple. In addition, as it is portable for only 20-minute uses, there is little or no tooth sensitivity.
What foods should I not eat after bleaching?
It is advisable to restrict the consumption of coffee, tea or cola drinks, and to reduce the consumption of artichokes, spinach and colouring such as saffron. Taking all these substances during the treatment will not only diminish the treatment result, but may also cause additional staining. Immediately after application, a white diet is recommended, i.e. food should not contain a large amount of dyes, as there are microporosities opened by the treatment, in which these dyes could be deposited and cause staining.
How long should each syringe last?
Six applications. Each syringe contains 3 ml.
How often should I apply the treatment?
Our recommendation is to apply it twice a week for six weeks at a time and then one maintenance session per month, as long as the expected result has been achieved. If not, the entire treatment should be repeated.
How many syringes do I need to buy for a full treatment?
It depends on the quality of each tooth. With two syringes, the treatment lasts a month and a half, so the whitening achieved will probably not be final. Therefore, our recommendation is to buy extra syringes.
Do syringes need to be kept in the fridge once opened?
Once opened, we do recommend storing them in the fridge.
Should I rest my teeth to avoid damaging the enamel?
This treatment does not damage the teeth due to its low composition, so you can have as many whitening treatments as you wish. Nevertheless, it is always good to rest the teeth for a period of time.
How long does the effect last?
The durability of the treatment and therefore the effect depends on how you take care of your teeth and the food and drink you take.
Can I use it during pregnancy?
Not recommended for use during pregnancy.