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Luz Urbina

Psychotherapist and Medical Coach

It is a proven fact that a harmful lifestyle, unhealthy habits, low self-esteem, an extremely self-demanding attitude, stress and the cumulative effects of the same all cause physical bodily changes and manifestations of somatic conditions.

The skin is a primary organ of somatization disorders, where emotional symptoms are directly and visibly manifested. It is through this organ, the largest in the human body, that we interact with the outside world, and everyday life becomes manifest in it, triggering positive or negative reactions and generating physical and emotional reactions that interact through behaviours, habits and bodily actions. When everyday situations surpass certain tolerance or anxiety levels, they become stress situations. When stress triggers a physiological reaction in an individual, there are four factors that have a bearing on said response (Chandler, 1985, Chandler and Maurer, 1996):

  1. External or stressor factors affecting the individual
  2. The perception that the individual has of his/herself and his/her reaction to the stressors.
  3. The impact of stress on the performance areas of the individual.
  4. The behaviour adopted by the individual to adapt to the stress situation.

Many psychosomatic reactions are associated with unresolved emotional situations or especially stressful moments in life. Dr. Davidson, one of the leading authorities in neuroimaging, has demonstrated how our thinking is associated with certain emotions that affect the brain’s functioning, which can cause different hormones to be secreted into the body, thereby altering its chemistry and potentially rendering us more vulnerable certain diseases and skin problems.”

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, Luz is a psychotherapist and medical coach. Her career has been focused on derma-aesthetics for more than a decade. She currently works with several universities and is a member of the International Coach Federation in the USA and Spain, a member of the Spanish NLP Association, member and professor of AECOP (Spanish Association of Coaching and Processes) and member of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association.

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