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Head of Communications and Brand Expansion,

Macarena Pedrosa
Head of Communications and Brand Expansion

“How many times have you heard it said that the face is the window to the soul? Your letter of introduction. The first thing you say about yourself, without ever opening your mouth. We are constantly thinking about how we look, our clothes and how we behave, but all too often the skin gets overlooked. I think we forget just how important it is. It only comes to mind when you need to look fresh, but there are bags under your eyes, you’ve got a spot on your face, you’ve slept badly, or simply aren’t looking your best. As with so much in life, the key is to take steps to make sure you never have to worry.

The skin is more than just wrapping for humans. It is the largest organ in the body. It is constantly renewing itself, with dead cells being endlessly replaced. This process of regeneration happens naturally, but it can be enhanced with the right care. This is exactly what Unicskin offers, while recognizing that each skin is unique and needs specific treatment. All our serums, emulsions and ampoules are made from highly concentrated formulas, based on more than 30 distinct active ingredients.

UNICSKIN is the result of months of hard work, enthusiasm, sacrifice and persistence. It is a small but ambitious brand, aiming to help each of us to achieve skin that is healthier, brighter, firmer and more toned. Which also makes for better self-esteem. You never get a second chance at a first impression.”

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