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Can your energy and emotional state affect the condition of your skin? The answer is yes.

The body is wise, and so too is the mind. If you are unhappy with yourself, others are unlikely to feel any different. Which is why beautiful, healthy skin is only possible with a relaxed and happy mind.

Get on board with our culture and start following our 2 star tips. For more comprehensive advice on how your emotional state can affect your skin, send us an email to

Tip #1: Sleep well. Getting enough rest is not only important for recharging your energy levels and muscle repair. New tissue and cells are formed during sleep and damaged ones repaired. Which is why poor quality or insufficient sleep can really show on the skin. A recent scientific study from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in the United States showed that poor quality sleep accelerates the signs of aging and weakens the skin’s ability to repair itself during the night.

This is because when you are asleep the body releases a substance called noradrenaline, which restricts blood flow and therefore limits the oxygenation of the skin. The result is dull, dehydrated skin. Furthermore, poor sleep can drive up stress levels, which may trigger or aggravate dermatological conditions such as acne

Tip #2: Take part in stress-busting activities that you enjoy. Doing things you enjoy (hobbies, spending time with family, friends, and so on) is a great means of reducing the stress levels than many of us endure, as well as encouraging a positive personal image. In short, it’s about making time for yourself.

UNICSKIN works actively with Luz Urbina, Psychotherapist and Medical Coach with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. She has been a specialist in derma-aesthetics for more than a decade.

Luz urbina unicskin

Luz Urbina

Psychotherapist and Medical Coach
Luz works with several universities and is a member of the International Coach Federation in the USA and Spain, a member of the Spanish NLP Association, member and professor of AECOP (Spanish Association of Coaching and Processes) and member of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association. Write to us at and arrange an appointment with our partner. A healthier approach to thinking can visibly improve your skin.
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