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UNICLED NECK & CHIN MASK, our star treatment that lifts the neck, reduces double chin and slims the jawline. The result is firmer, smoother and more flexible skin, and a more defined and sculpted facial contour in record time. This LED light emitting diode device offers a safe and effective combination of different wavelengths. It acts immediately on the dermis and cells, thus reducing oxidative stress and stimulating cellular energy production.


1) Reduces double chin.
2) Jawline slimming (V Face).

It effectively reduces neck wrinkles by combating sagging and minimizing other signs of aging.

“Clinically tested as a non-invasive therapy to reduce fat mass” 

“Clinically tested as a safe and non-invasive rejuvenating therapy”


  1. Take the UNICLED NECK & CHIN MASK out of the box.
  2. Plug the USB charging cable into the device.
  3. Plug USB charging cord into outlet for charging.
  4. Charge it for three hours (a full charge of the device takes 6 sessions).


  1. Clean and dry your face and neck before starting the treatment.
  2. Select the desired treatment area: chin or neck. Turn on the device and let the treatment start for 20 minutes.
  3. The device will turn off automatically after 20 minutes

CHIN MODE: press the power button and choose the “CHIN” Mode (you will see a light on over the word). For 20 minutes, the device will act through the combination of LED lights to effectively perform 2 functions at the same time:

1) Reduce double chin

2) Jawline slimming: definition of the Jaw Line or V Face

NECK MODE: press the power button and choose “NECK” Mode (you will see a light on over the word). For 20 minutes, the device will act through the combination of LED lights to effectively reduce neck wrinkles.



Users typically see a reduction in lines and wrinkles, and a loss of fat within 2 weeks of use (4 times a week). Optimal results will start to be seen after 1 month of treatment.

Is it safe for thyroids?

Our product is 100% safe for the thyroid, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study is collected in the International Book of Endocrinology, and was published on November 4, 2018. This study shows the total safety of our technology for the Thyroid.

Can I use the device 20 minutes on the neck and then 20 minutes on the chin?
Yes, you can combine both treatments in the same session.
How does LED light help in reducing fat from the chin area? 
LED light therapy targets adipocytes, which are cells that store fat and cause lipids to disperse. This therapy helps the body eliminate fat cells and has a supreme triple action when applied to the neck and chin.
How do I clean the device?
Use a damp cloth with a small amount of soap or alcohol-free wet wipes, and then dry it well with a clean cloth. Do not use alcohol, acetone, or any product that can damage silicone.



Content: device (x1), USB-C charging cable (x1) and user manual (x1)

Power: 5W

Intensity: Anti-aging 20mW/cm2 | Slimming 50mW/cm2

Voltage: 5V

Wavelength: 630nm (red) 660nm (deep red) 850nm (infrared)

Number of Lights: 112pcs LED chipset




Returns of the product purchased through our website ( are not allowed once it has been released and put into operation, except in case of factory default. If the product had been purchased outside of our website, please consult the warranty policy offered by the store, which in no case will replace this warranty policy.


If the packaging has not been opened, UNICSKIN will accept the return within 14 days from the date of the purchase of the product, being the costs and risks of return chargeable to the sender. The device must be returned in the same packaging, together with the original proof of purchase. Please contact Customer Service at the following e-mail address, or via telephone number 912797377 to receive information on the address to which the product should be sent.

If the item is returned as a result of a manufacturing default and during the first two (2) years from the date of purchase, the return of any of our Techno Beauty product could be replaced for the same product ( In such case  costs of returning the item being borne by UNICSKIN), a refund or a reduction in the price of the product if the defect  is minor or the time elapsed from acquisition  and  the value of the product at the moment of presenting the claim does not justify its replacement . After the above-mentioned period and up to three (3) years of warranty, UNICSKIN will replace the UNICLED KOREAN MASK, the cable and the remote control if they are the defective accessories.

It will be required in any case to keep and present the receipt or invoice corresponding to the purchased product where the date of purchase is clearly legible.

In addition, UNICSKIN reserves the right to make the appropriate checks on the product purchased, requesting photographs or evidence of the alleged nonconformity or the shipment of the defective product, being initially the shipping costs paid by the customer, and proceeding to reimbursement once it has been verified by UNICSKIN that the fault detected corresponds to a manufacturing defect.

Excluded from this warranty policy are those products that have suffered damage due to storage conditions, maintenance, or handling by the customer. The product complies with the legal and regulatory standards applicable in the European Community at the date of manufacture and distribution.


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